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Why Run When You Can Walk?

The Coast to Coast Journey Continues So why run when you can walk? Fair question, and indeed there were times when we did walk. “Run when you can, walk when you must” was a maxim that Rob passed on – who incidentally was on his second crossing, this time having brought his wonderfully entertaining wife Carla. To answer the question is to describe the feeling of flowing down off Kidsty …

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The Summer Success Story Of Our Coast To Coast Guided Run

The Journey Begins Our guided run began at St Bees and was completed in Robin Hood’s Bay where we launched our pebbles into the North Sea. The best way to summarise our wonderful 10-day adventure as an Anglo-Aussie troupe would be “Runnable, and ending in a pub”. From walking over three weeks, cycling over three days or, like us, running over 10 days. It goes without saying how wonderful the …

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The Coast to Coast Way is beautiful in springtime

Season Coming to Life

  After a winter spent busily in the office processing all your bookings, getting special accommodations secured for our customers, handling marketing activities and all the myriad other tasks that go with running a specialist holiday business, it’s time to put our coats on and get ready for the season. The minibuses arrive and must be prepared – new, fresh branding on, a full clean, equipment boxes stocked, a few seats …

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Run – Eat – Sleep – Repeat

Running is becoming a popular way to tackle Yorkshire’s famous coast to coast route as Jonathan Turner finds out. For almost half a century, ramblers from across the world have been walking the Coast to Coast – a spectacular footpath stretching from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay, in Yorkshire and the longest of its kind in England. READ MORE – Y Magazine Article  

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Cross Country: trail running the coast-to-coast route

The 192-mile route over the Lake District and Pennines is usually plodded by hikers but our writer zips across on a new guided running trip   Burning with exertion, I shuffle up the hillside, a sweaty mess. Beside me, the heather is also dripping – with morning drizzle. A fresh, Lakeland breeze envelops me as I climb out of the sheep-speckled valley, mud squelching under my feet. This is trail …

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We Did It!

Mark Sandamas – Managing Director Coast to Coast Packhorse Oct. 17, 2017 “Of course it’s up that 33% hill – that Wainwright was a sadist” was our instruction from a Grosmont resident as we neared the end of our epic 190 mile run across Britain. A run that brought us into close contact with the best of the British countryside. Over the course of it we formed deep friendships and …

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